У кошику немає товарів. Почніть покупки в нашому каталозі

Family and Friends online material for Ukraine


Audio recordings for Phonics Plus! pages in WBs 1 and 2 for Ukraine, Answer Key and Extra Phonics! Worksheets

Family and Friends 2nd Edition Phonics

 Family and Friends 2nd Edition provides Ukraine edition phonics extension materials called Extra Phonics, written specifically for Ukrainian students. These worksheets can be used at any time throughout Levels 1–4.

The Ukraine edition Workbooks for Levels 1 and 2 contain an additional section called Phonics Plus! This additional material has been written specially for students in Ukraine, to provide further practice of the phonics lessons presented in the Class Book and main Workbook. On this site you can find the audio files, transcripts and answer keys for the Phonics Plus! section.



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